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Reality is that the system for Social Security benefits is broken and abused. There needs to be an overhaul to restore the program to what the public perceives it as, or some similar resemblance.

First and foremost is the SSI program, the more abused and costly since these recipients have never contributed. Children get benefits too easily as with a large rate of termination from age 18 evaluations. There needs to be stricter guidelines on who can receive as many parents are getting kids on SSI and living on that, which does not foster an enviroment suitable for children. Perhaps SSI for adults should be switched to a temporary assistance on a case by case basis.

Someone with a condition that can improve, such as illiteracy or minor debilitating injuries, might only be eligible for SSI on temporary basis to help supplement until they find work. Give them 24 months with 1-2 possible extensions to file for evaluate their effort to find employment at SGA levels and end their benefits as they should have been prompted to have found employment by then. Create a branch of the SSA that helps to find government and private sector jobs for those on benefits.

Eliminate the earnings limit, early retirement penalty, and delayed retirement and set retirement at 65 so that those who want to continue working are putting more back in. Tax the entire public on every bit of their earnings for FICA instead of limiting it to $106,800 but don't base their benefits on 1/3. If someone is making several million a year, I highly doubt they need that monthly income from Social Security, cap what the max payout on retirement is instead of the contributions.

On a seperate issue, I suggest a bill that removes the ability of American companies to take factories out of the states to where labor is cheaper. A large reason America is struggling is from the middle class eroding quicker than current jobs will restore it. These lost factory jobs account for a majority of this issue.

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