Department of Homeland Security

Benchmark Private Industry with Early Retirement Package

Many federal employees are "Retired-in-Place" today. They are simply overhead, putting in the time at work but not contributing to the bottom line. By offering periodic early retirement packages to all federal employees, the "cost" of the early retirement package would be offset by the billions of dollars that would be saved though the ongoing salaries and the Federal government's non retired shared benefits costs.


The offer should be to all federal employees since age does not appear to be a factor for the "Retired-in-Place" mindset. Parameters would be established to ensure all continuing employment opportunities remain for those individuals not wishing to take advantage of the Early Retirement Package.


This human resource management tool is known to have saved many United States Corporations millions of payroll dollars and considering the size of the Federal Payroll, billions of payroll and benefit dollars would be saved.

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