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Be Cautious about submitting a Good Idea

I have submitted several ideas locally that has saved the agency at least 1 million dollars on only one of the ideas. The others saved time, paper, improved efficiency, money, and helped the military. When you have a track record of successful ideas one that may not be working will be thought of as something that can be fixed. The end result is when an idea is submitted others that never thought of the idea may get involved and turn it into something that it was not intended to be.


I submitted an idea that was intended to really produce results that we have not gotten in the past. The end result is that others took the idea over and now it is estimated to cost us about 500,000 dollars a year and does not really produce anything that it was intended to produce. We were the first to put this idea into practice from what I wrote up and now I am pushing to end. It seems that when a person submits an idea that they loose ownership of the idea and it can become something that does not resemble the true intent.


I do hope that with whatever is thought of as being the plan that we use to save money is carefully thought out and put into practice locally first. This will help to evaluate the idea and reduce cost if it does not work. I do recommend that the most productive in the private sector and public sector come together to adopt the most productive plans. The situation we are in is not the result of only one person or political party, but a group effort that will that a group effort to fix.


If we look at it from this approach when can save billions, improve the economy, improve the operation of the government, and help people get back on their feet.



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