Judicial Branch

Bankruptcy Court Waste

I worked for the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for two years. The main office is in Shreveport, LA. There are too many supervisors. Individuals are being promoted to supervisor because they are close friends with the Chief Deputy. Such fraternization is illegal and should be investigated.


It is a common practice to hire employees that are NOT needed because the Clerk wants to SPEND his entire budget. Personnel at this Bankruptcy Court are standing around most of the day because there are too many people assigned to this court.


New equipment is purchased every year despite the "old" equipment being in good running order. Again, the Clerk wants to spend the money so he will receive the same amount in his budget the next year. Carpets, furniture and other items are purchased but NOT needed because the Bankruptcy Court wants to spend ALL their money. Extravagant purchases are made for the Judges. This is waste!


Investigate the abuse. Order a review of the manning levels. Reduce the budget to every federal court by 20%. Force the retirement of the Clerk and Chief Deputy. Reduce the number of supervisors in all Federal Courts.



Idea No. 6478