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Department of Defense

Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

We are in a new age and yet all over the federal government you see people pushing brooms. Contract with a company like Dyson to build a light ( plastic?), portable, multi-use/ attachment capable, durable, cordless vacuum cleaner our personnel can use. Not only would you reduce the time it takes to clean a space you would pick up more dirt and spread fewer microbes (especially with a decent HEPA filter in the Dyson) and increase the efficiency of your staff to allow them to focus on other projects.

I estimate one aircraft carrier with 6 backpack cleaners could do the cleaning work of 40-55 personnel in the same amount of time during 'sweepers.' I would then use the personnel I had freed up to do more- trust me there is always more to do!

Very Respectfully,

LCDR Graham



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