Department of Defense

BRAC Military Base Closures

The GAO report GAO-01-971 stated the four rounds of base closure and realignment (BRAC) actions that occurred in 1988, 1991, 1993, and 1995, saved the DoD a net savings of $15.5 Billion through FY01 and $6.1 Billion annually thereafter. Consolidating the military departments' common functions, including commands, headquarters, training and operational locations would vastly improve DoD functionality, communications, operations, and SAVE taxpayers billions of dollars annually. Unfortunately, our political system won't allow this idea to occur because of defense lobbyists and congressional members who would block any future BRAC recommendations or actions. Strategically and fiscally, closing and realigning DoD installations globally is the smartest course of action our government could do, especially during our current dire financial and economic status.



Idea No. 6289