Department of Justice

BOP Eliminate SORT teams, beef up DCT

Eliminate the SORT in BOP. Beef up the DCT, which was our original go to group to start with. Our sort spends almost $1000 per man per year in new boots, BDU's, hats, personal use items and they spend it every year. Not to mention they buy extra for the captain, exec staff, and EPO's. Add in the cost of monthly or quarterly weapons qual, and it's staggering. SORT is outdated,,,,particularly for the number of teams we have. And, there is no mandatory "enlistment'. A staff can qualify and join the team, and be equipped, and quit in the same year. And if their clothing doesn't fit the next person, we buy it all again. Our SORT spends $250 per year per man for boots, that aren't even safety toe boots, just because they can.



Idea No. 12357