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BIG savings from a Small town.

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I have several ideas but here's just a few. Our printer alone prints out 30-50 pieces of paper per day that are either not ours or not significant. We have 450 printers in our VA medical center! Our printer alone is spewing off over 10,000 unused/unwanted copies per year, take that times 450 printers! We averaged the waist to be nearly $30,000 per year. Just for our small town facility. Can you imagine the waste? Also we are giving away walkers, wheelchairs and scooters like candy at a parade, then the veteran passes away and we can't take the item back? why not recycle these for other veterans? Travel Pay, we are paying for people to come to their appts? Can you imagine how much we could save by eliminating travel pay? We keep taking from local educators, police and firefighters but no one is looking at where the waste is really coming from, Teachers, police and firefighters are not a waste. Paper, unused equipment and travel pay is an enormous waste. Let's start making cuts where it WONT hurt the working people for once. In addition I worked at the state level and seen people living on foodstamps and other local programs, I think you should be given a time limit on these programs versus making a living off them, there is no incentive for them to get a job? And I am all for drug testing in order to get foodshare. Why would we feed drug addicts poisoning our country?

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