National Security Agency


With the exception of Acquisition coded positions, applicants should pay for their own background checks and later reimbursed by the Government if hired. It would notify us of any potential red flags like dual citizenship (which is a deal killer anyway), and help reduce the ridiculous administrative cost to remove people that should not have ever been hired. Any JAG will agree, we spend WAY too much time and money on removing folks who should have never been hired and or defending our decisions to terminate in court... FOR FOLKS WHO SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN HIRED. Private investigative companies would see an increase in business, only serious candidates who REALLY want to be public servants would apply, the workload would lessen for those GS-4s who handle fingerprint request and installation level security officers/security staff; we could reassign them elsewhere. Right now we are paying GS-12s too much money to just push clearances to OPM. In the end, it would take alot of energy for a US citizen to get a Gov't job, imagine how EVERYTHING would change and how much money we could save in EVERY department in Gov't if EVERYONE (99%) WANTED to be at work. This submittal was purposely presented using regular english. Statistics, variables and real data could very easily be assembled and presented.



Idea No. 4565