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Department of the Interior

Avoid end of year spending sprees

At the end of each fiscal year our agency and many others have a surplus of money for various justifiable reasons. I propose to create an incentive based on rewarding agencies returning all unobligated money, money that does not need to be spent for the purpose of balancing the budget, wish lists, unused or surplus project money, money given through poor planning, cancellations, overbids, or any operating money not committed. Departments, Agencies, and local offices could receive a positive recognition instead of the current mindset of "USE or LOOSE". I propose that the money be returned to the treasury to pay for the deficit. An incentive to make this work would be to set aside a percentage of the money returned to be awarded equally to the department, agency, or local office's employees as a reward for reducing spending and/or staying under budget. All sides would benefit.



Idea No. 3651