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Automation of VCAA Letter for Veterans Benefits

The VA is required by law to send all claimants the VCAA Letter, "Veterans Claims Assistance Act" Letter, with the purpose of helping the claimant. There are millions of these letters sent out each year.


The VA needs to automate the VCAA Letter. The VA asks for the Veterans e-mail address on the initial 526 claim application. When the Veteran has e-mail, we should send the VCAA Letter electronically, with annotation to call VA if he/she has no further information to submit.


The automation of the VCAA Letter would save the VA millions of dollars per year. The automation of the VCAA Letter would speed up the Veterans claim process, and eliminate subsequent follow-ups.


The automation of the VCAA Letter makes since in an electronic environment when the idea is to speed up claims processing, and eliminate costs.

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