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Automating CMS 37 and 21B

When the Medicaid legislation was enacted, the federal government did not have the statistical data to project the each States’ Medicaid budget. Therefore the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) required each state to fill out a quarterly budget request called the CMS-37. The report is very time consuming. Once each state submits the budget, a federal financial analyst must review the report. CMS now has over 20 years of data and could easily project each state’s budget from that data, then submit it to the state for comments, additions or variances. Any changes in procedure or percentages from legislation could easily be quickly incorporated.


I believe the process could be preformed from the Central Office of CMS with a minimum staff, thus reducing an estimated work equivalent of at least .20 FTE (Full time employee) for CMS in each state. Each state would also benefit with an equal reduction of workload.


The 21B would also be a candidate for the same automation. Other agency could benefit by reviewing their own reports which include numerical information to see if these reports could be automated from recently developed statically data bases.


Statistical data could also be automated on the CMS-64s and 21s. The averages, comparisons of past quarters, trends, etc. could more efficiently be calculated as system generated. This would save countless hours for each CMS accountant in each state

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