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Automatic deportation of foreigners convicted of serious crimes

Our country could greatly benefit from the automatic deportation of foreigners convicted of serious crimes.


In Switzerland, “the government must expel, without possibility of appeals, foreigners convicted of serious crimes — ranging from murder, rape, armed robbery, and drug trafficking to abusing Switzerland's welfare system — after they complete their prison sentences”.


Right now, in the United States deportation can occur only after completion of the inmate’s sentence. But why?


My suggestion is for us to take it a step further and pass a federal law that requires the automatic deportation of all noncitizens after a conviction, not after a completion of a sentence and regardless of which state the person is convicted in.


This will greatly reduce the cost of housing inmates and the savings can be designated specifically and only for repaying the foreign debt.


In 2001, States spent $29.5 billion for prisons. I am sure that costs have gone up now. Currently, it costs an average of about $47,000 per year to incarcerate an inmate in prison in California. It is my guess that probably a great percentage of prisoners in our country are foreigners. We should send them back to their countries to finish their sentences.

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