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Automate the Design Change Notice (DCN) Process

Currently, to put a new part into the Navy Supply System we have to use a form called a Design Change Notice. Currently only Manual DCNs are accepted. This process currently requires the submission of a Word document which frequently gets returned by Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) WSS (Weapon Systems Support) due to transcription errors or incorrectly entered information. The time wasted filling out, re-filling out, re-submitting and following up with NAVSUP WSS after submission totals a huge amount of time, especially considering the number of DCNs which have to be processed. My team alone submits hundreds of DCNs every year and my team is small compared to some of the other platforms.


An online DCN submission system with drop down menus, automatic formula calculations and status tracking would eliminate thousands of hours that are currently being spent on non-value added work. Please support this valuable initiative.

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