Department of Defense

Auction off orders

Many service members find it difficult to be stationed at a place where they would like to be, or even just to get away from their current assignment. I would propose that for every 10 sets of orders given out one of them is opened for auction. Every set is auctioned out within the same pay grade, eliminating the inequalityof an E-8 bidding against an E-3. This would also allow members to feel as though they have some control over their lives. If someone who wants to live in Florida has been living in North Dakota for 15 years while other people come and go, this could be an option, as the assignment system doesn't appear rational to those who don't work with it. I personally would gladly bid upwards of 10k for my dream assignment, and know many other people who would do the same. However, looking at the lower levels of possiblity, if the maximum bid received were only $1,000 per set of orders auctioned off, that would retrieve hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars per year into government coffers, while still making military members happy. Now add in more optimistic numbers of 10 times that, and money going back to the government would relieve huge financial strain. In addition, 90% of the orders are still given out in the standard fasion, so not everyone has to pay to move, just the motivated and desperate.



Idea No. 4859