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Department of Homeland Security

Assess and propose efficiencies to GAO, OIG and other audits

Invest in an investigation on the amount of time, resources, and effort spent to research, respond to, and comply with GAO, OIG and other external audits, as well as to understand the extent of duplicate audits and the quality of report recommendations to improving the mission. The purpose of this modest effort would be to identify recommendations auditors to improve and streamline their issue selection and auditing processes, as well as to find more efficient and effective means to comply with the purpose and intent of investigations.


An example of an efficiency might be the establishment of a central repository for information gathered from audits so that multiple investigation office teams from different areas of the country don’t duplicate investigations for the same materials or topics.


To avoid the adversarial perception of this effort, the proposal could be for a 3rd party to perform the effort through GAO and not external to it.



Idea No. 4184