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Ask Banks & other Institutions to provide postage

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Currently we send requests for information to a beneficiary and provide a non-postage paid return envelope; the client is requested to add postage. Clearly the post office will not deliver mail without proper postage.


I believe in tough economic times we have to make the same sacrifices most of our beneficiaries do.


Times are tough for all federal agencies (the entire American Public including all federal agencies). It would be cost effective if we request information from organizations such as banks to provide their own postage.


An enormous number of letters are sent daily on behalf of the government. If one tenth of those letters required financial institutions to pre pay for postage this would save the government more than $400 for every one thousand letters mailed.


We are paying the postage for more than a thousand letters monthly. If we require the banks and other private institutions to pay their postage this could virtually save the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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