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Aquaculture: Fish-Farming for Sustainability

Capture young fish (like young tuna) in the wild to be placed in fish-farms where they are to be cultivated and protected from predators, then harvest them after 4 years. Fish-farming will encourage better food resource management to meet with future population growth and global food shortages.


These fish-farms can be located in [1] tribal reservations (as another industry to assist tribes, if they choose); [2] Guam, Commonwealth of Northern Marianas Islands, American Samoa, American Virgin Islands, Diego Garcia, Puerto Rico, Wake Island, Eniwetok & the Marshall Islands, Hawaii, Aleutian Islands, Nantucket, or any other islands that are US soil (or US has sovereignty)---so long as there is little harm done to local wildlife.


Having the US be at the forefront of fish-farming will encourage other nations in the world to be more responsible in harvesting the ocean (recall articles earlier this year about the ocean life growing more extinct with each moment unless drastic steps are made to save Our Living Oceans).


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