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Another waste of paper and time, too.

I have worked at the VA, here in Northern AZ for the last 12 years. When I started here, there was much talk about going 'paperless' with the charts and patient information. There was a short time when it looked like it would happen but to this date, we still have orders printed out and we compare them to the computer orders. this seems futile since they were printed from the computer so they should be (and are) identical.


There are other areas that would help to cut costs at our VA. One of these is to have a more comprehensive computer program where we can get info that we need by putting in key words. For example; We are working on Staffing Methodology and need no know how may of the patients we admitted in the last year are over 70 years old. There is nobody on our station that can get a program for this so one of our employees is getting it manually which is costing hundreds of man hours. This is just one of many examples from this study and others that are underway to help to cut costs and improve patient care for the veterans that we serve at our VA.



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