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An ounce of prevention

I propose to cut Federal Disaster Funds by preventing the size of disasters. For instance the recent AZ/NM fires. Happens every year, right? So these seasonal fires are bound to become a disaster at some point in time. In addition to the un-planned expense it also cost tax dollars due. Oil companies have huge UNUSED oil pipelines crisscrossing America. One could possibly drive a truck through some of them. Put water in them and send them across country. Wet some areas down prior to fire season. The water doesn't have to be treated or even fresh to keep soil moist. It'll make jobs, too. There are other fixes for other disasters. It'll will take a little communication to figure out how to rent from peter to save paul's neck but the census burea and the i.r.s. have the nations business's at hand. Make a research group for prevention. A think tank. If those lines had cyphered water from the Mississippi when it was a problem not one but two infra structure head aches would not exist. That water could have been held all over the country. And why the oil companies did not offer the rent of them to the fed govt is beyond me. They should have a community-service ethics clause. This is a billion dollar saver.



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