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President Obama,


Hello Sir. I read that the government is going to begin asking its employees to shut down their computers whenever they will be out of use after their work day is over. This is a great idea, except in the Air Force there are weekly security updates that shoot through their networks. If our computers are off, they won't get the needed security updates that we require in this day and age of hacking. I believe the system needs to be changed from updating them all at once over a network to avoid this dilemma, while still getting the security updates they desperately need. I see savings of approximately 50$ annually per computer not in use. The more computers we can do this with, the better overall result.


Another idea is to take advantage of technology! I have first hand experiences where we are required to have an important conference and instead of flying someone in or someone drive hours using a GOV, we phone them in via teleconfroncing. Can you imagine how much money the government could save if every meeting (that wasn't a local meeting) was done via teleconfroncing? No more expensive last minute plane tickets, lodging costs, food/travel/gas ect.


Thank you for your time.

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