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American SWAG Only

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Stuff We All Get


You have seen it in your unit’s storage or at a recruiting event. We give it out to visitors at trade shows or at an unit open house event.


Coffee cups, calendars, key chains, pens, challenge coins, you name it and the only thing in common is the sticker on the bottom; Made in China.


It is time to impose immediate legislation that will prohibit the purchase of foreign made items for official use. How embarrassing is it for an unit to host VIP foreign visitors and as a departing gift to handout a coffee cup or challenge coin with the sticker; Made in China.


Enough is enough, let’s get serious and buy American. It appears we can not do it on our own so let’s legislate it so there is no choice. Any official US Government give-a-ways or SWAG needs to be American made.

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