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Ambulance Transports by VA Fire Departments

My idea which is already in affect in a handful of VAMC-fire departments. The i dea i hev is that all Veteran Affairs Fire departments should be required to provude to the servicing medical center and the veterans of such Ambulance transportation instead of primarily utilizing private transport ambulance companies which increas the cost of transports for VAMC patients because it is guaranteed payment. I have had the fortunate experiance to fullfill americas promise to our veterans by working as a va-firefighter/paramedic. At the Martinsburg ,WV VAMC i witnessed the hiring of paramedics and emt's and after the employment of us the VA Fire department was charged with emergency This resulted in over half a million dollars worth of savings to The VAMC i recently transfered t VA firefighter for Togus-VAMC fire department in Maine unfortunatly here we do not provide the transports in fact we rely on a private ambulance company who increases rates specificly for us as a va because we are federal. As a tax payer of this country it is clear what the intent for this is. Most VA-Fire departments already have the equipment necessary to provide this care but are not doing it. If we had our own Paramedics and ambulance personnel we would be able to slash this money in half and be able to provide the savings back to the facility. This is a guaranteed way to be a more cost effective government if one facility can save $500k per year than with all the vamc in the united states we would see a very significant federal deficit cut this is a small way for all of us to do our part to save money. it is simple math a BLS transport for veterans averages $800 and an ALS transport averages $1500 with all the transports that are done for our veterans we would see alot of savings this is But it needs to be mandated by our lawmakers so there is no choice but to do iwould also bring better care to our veterans and bring a better national standard of care to The dept of veteran affairs

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