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Allow us to get TSP account # & password online-not snailmail!!

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10% of the federal work force (300,000 employees) do NOT contribute to their retirement. Why put up TWO obstacles which could take 3 WEEKS to get these employees enrolled when it should take 3 MINUTES? If you don't have your account number, you have to request one through SNAILMAIL. Then, after getting your account number, you have to make ANOTHER REQUEST FOR YOUR PASSWORD THROUGH - you guessed it - SNAILMAIL.


Do we live in the 21st century? When I forget my username or password with Schwab or Vanguard, I can retrieve my info in minutes. Why is it so difficult for TSP to make this leap?


And just think about the people who are not enrolling. They're usually the folks on the lower income/education side - those who need a retirement plan the most! They will really depend on Medicare and Social Security - so why are we making it that much harder for them to enroll???? Let's stop this nonsensical blend of 21st and 19th century technologies and do what every bank in the world does: allow people to get their usernames and passwords online.

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