Department of Justice

Allow Physician-assisted suicide for inmates

Many states allow Physician-assisted suicide, why not allow inmates with diagnosed with terminal illness to have a Physician-assisted them in suicide. This would cut down on medical cost and Hospice care. Also allow inmates serving life sentence to also commit Physician-assisted suicide. The BOP stops inmates from killing them self. If you wish to end your life why don’t let them end it with dignity. The population in the BOP would start to drop. The program wouldn’t allow anyone to kill themselves. Just inmate with terminal illness and life sentences. There would be safeguard in place to stop depressed or mental ill inmate from killing them self. These sounds like a bad idea but you have to think between the lines. Inmate are going to kill them self in prison, we can’t stop it. Why don’t we control it and give them back some dignity.



Idea No. 3227