Department of the Treasury

Allow ITINs for Employment

Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs) are assigned to taxpayers who are not eligible for social security numbers for various reasons, but a huge amount are assigned to illegal immigrants who want to report income and collect free money like additional child tax credit from the government. They are not allowed to use them to work under, which is ludicrous. They are forced to steal or make up social security numbers for their employment, which then creates a huge mess for the IRS to clean up. We are now spending more time on identity theft cases and trying to match up who earned what money, than processing tax claims or enforcing the tax code. Let them use their ITINs to work under! Then the social security withholding can be reported correctly. If they become citizens later, they can have their benefits. If they don't the government keeps the money. How difficult would it be to implement this?



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