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Allow Employees to Purchase Training at Reduced Rate

It is well documented that the Federal Govnt views training as essential to keeping its workforce adequately prepared and able to maintain expertise. Yet training of the workforce is no longer a given, with cutbacks and shrinking budgets. As this is the age of certifications, Government employee need to keep up, and are not being provided with the requisite course. This can adversely impact one's ability to maintain a job and be promoted. The Government is in a unique position to purchase training at a reduced rate due to its numbers, and training is often offered to employees but only for purchase by the Government. So the employee cannot get the training paid for by his Agency, and cannot purchase the training for himself.


As money for training is likely going to be reduced over several years, it seems that this should be reevaluated, and suspended until the Government is in a better position to pay for employee training. Until then, the employee should be allowed to pay for reduced training, if he or she elects to do so.



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