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Department of Homeland Security

Allow Employee Clearance Vetting to Transfer Across Components

Within DHS we have multiple offices and components yet if you wish to transfer to a position within DHS you still need to undergo another suitability clearance. The vetting process (background & clearance eligibility review) costs the taxpayers a considerable amount of money – not only for the investigation but also for the possible idle time spent by employees awaiting clearance results. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) usually conducts the review and adjudicates for new federal employees but then provides the information to each component for review.


If the results from OPM’s review went instead to a DHS office to administer and keep on file, this would reduce the need to “transfer” the clearance to a different DHS component. Additionally, DHS could first work with all of its components to ensure that OPM was collecting the all of the information needed to meet the vetting needs of each component. Once agreement was reached regarding the collected information and review criteria, DHS could then keep the information on file and every employee would be eligible to transfer across DHS within the same job series.


Streamlining this process would not only save money by reducing the need for new clearance reviews and idle time awaiting review outcomes but would also enable DHS to quickly reallocate mission critical staff (law enforcement officers & support staff) to respond to threats or mission priority changes without the need for further vetting.



Idea No. 10567