Department of Transportation

Allow Electronic Submissions of Notices to the Federal Register

As an employee who regularly submits notices to the Federal Register, there would be enormous time, material and cost savings if the process were brought into the 21st century.


Currently, several identical signed copies of Federal Register notices must be hand delivered, along with a CD of the word file, to the Government Printing Office (GPO). Our Department, in Washington DC, has an individual drive to the GPO every day to hand deliver the notices.


The GPO should develop an internet-based, secure tool for Departments and Agencies to submit notices for publication in the Federal Register. I believe this would enhance the security of the process and reduce the amount of time it takes to post a notice. It is a relatively easy fix that would not require Congressional approval. This would impact every Department and Agency in the Executive Branch.


We already approve billions of dollars in payments electronically; why not transmit our Federal Register notices the same way?

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