Department of Justice

Allow Corrections staff to carry firearms to work.

Currently Correctional staff that have been trained and use firearms at work can’t bring their personal firearms to work. Federal Corrections staff are allowed under law enforcement safety act to carry firearms off duty conceal at all times. However when coming to a federal prison or going home you can’t carry a firearms. No weapons can be carried on to federal prison property. So I think the BOP should install gun locker or use the one we already have and charge a few bucks a mouth to use them. About 2/3 of the staff would jump on the chance. The BOP would be making money and also making ther staff alot more safer. And before everyone get crazy. Everyone has to go through a metal deter before coming into the prison. The most dangerous time for a correctional worker is the drive to and from work. This would make money and save lives.



Idea No. 7268