Social Security Administration

Allow [Any] Leave Transfers Between [Any] Employees...

Allow any leave (sick, annual, lwop) to be transferred from one employee to another regardless of reason or relation.


Stop using manpower to determine whether someone qualifies for VLTP or not, just set up a log-in system where people that have leave to donate can offer leave to people who are in need of leave. People can enter their own names/requests, self-monitor their leave activity, and others can donate/give away leave to who ever they want to (anonymously or not).


How would lwop transfers work? Just like usual leave. A person can donate an hour of lwop (bascially an hour of pay to someone, but taking the hour of pay from the donator, like a financial deduction). Under the assumption that lower-income people would not be able to donate as much lwop as a higher-income person, the government could GAIN money on the transfers.

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