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Abolish the paper trail

Abolish the paper trail!


Save the government time & money! We can even reduce privacy violations by eliminating the need for information to be recorded or transferred via paper.


This can be accomplished in the following ways:


-Discontinue use of paper encounters which record information when a patient checks in for an appointment by implementing an electronic device(lap top, tough book, ipad) to record this information when the patient checks-in with clerical & medical staff.

- Also eliminates paper needed to print appointment lists for staff since this information can be obtained electronically. The information during visit with medical staff is recorded electronically and in real time versus on paper and possibly one or two days after patient is seen.

-Create an electronic check-in system that tracks when the patient is checked in with front desk, when the patient is being checked with nursing staff to obtain vitals, when patient is meeting with provider, and when patient checks out. This creates a system that lets medical staff track the patient whlie at the medical center. Also very helpful when a patient inquires as to how long the wait time may be.

-Create an electronic system for patient travel pay system - no more "routing slips" or "vouchers" to be handed out. This can tie into the electronic check-in/check-out system above - instead of supplying routing slips of paper to patient upon checkout to verify they have indeed been seen by a provider, the travel dept can verify patient has been seen by checking the electronic system and a "voucher" created electronically so patient can then collect travel pay, or if chooses, have travel pay direct deposited in a bank account(not provided now?)



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