Department of Health and Human Services

A federal portal to share unused resources among federal agencie

May it be software licenses, hardware resources, accessories, building space, man power, knowledge, software applications – a new system/portal should be created for agencies to be able to share these resources.


How many times we all have felt we need a critical resource (some mentioned above) and for various reasons (lack of funding one of them) we cannot get it? I am sure some of us have these items within their respective agencies at some point of time or other that they can easily spare or share.


Can we not create a system/portal when the agencies can post things without fear for other agency to use? It can be a portal where agencies can come to ask for things that they may need and other with things that they cane lend or let go.


I am sure there are many unused and unwanted resource in one Agency that can be well used by another. It can be as small as printer papers to as big as a multi million $$ software applications system.

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