Executive Office of the President

A Sustainable, Efficient, and Green Solution

I propose a solution that improves the government's use of funds in a sustainable, green, efficient manner that fosters education and creativity while linking the country together and allowing kids to create and explore. I propose the government catch up and do what private industry has been doing for decades. Places like RAFT (Resource Area for Teaching) combine industry “waste” and turn trash into treasures for teachers and students alike. Outdated computer parts, paper waste, desks, chairs, Styrofoam packaging, plastic bottles, unused lab equipment (petri dishes, pipettes, 96 well plates), file folders, file cabinets, outdated labels, etc. can be used for technology, art, and innovative projects for young entrepreneurs. They can be collected, organized, and stored in a warehouse (or several around the country). Teachers can then be allowed to pick up whatever materials they feel would be useful in instructing their students or in improving the learning environment. Having so many resources readily available to teachers and students fosters creativity and innovation. Stimulating the two, in turn, stimulates the economy. This proposal is likewise excellent for the Department of Education and for teachers. It is great for the environment. It allows for the most efficient use of materials to a community that can most appropriately use them. It fosters new ideas as teachers and students alike discover underutilized resources, finding ways to make them valuable.

I agree to have my idea, not my name or information, posted online. YES


Idea No. 9185