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I propose that when military members are sent TDY they be required to share quarters or hotel rooms with one other member, providing they do not have to share the same bed, are of equal rank and the same gender.


When my unit was sent on a mission for a few weeks, we stayed at a hotel and each member got their own room which was equipped with two beds. My brother, also in my unit, was sent TDY with us and we decided to share a room to save the Air Force money. We could’ve had our own rooms and nobody even mentioned that we should share rooms, but to do the right thing for the Air Force and the American tax payer we shared a room and saved over $1,500.


I asked around at my unit why they don’t share rooms on missions and was told that in the past the Air Force had a policy that required members to share hotel rooms, and once promoted to a certain rank you had the privilege of finally being allowed to have your own room. Eventually the bar was set lower and lower for other ranks to have their own room, and now nobody really bothers enforcing such a rule if there even is one anymore.


I understand there may already be a policy on the books, but it is not a policy that is enforced. So again, I propose that if military members are sent TDY they be required to share hotel rooms providing the members are the same gender and are equal rank.


It is a policy that is easy to implement, and no serious change or debate is needed. With this policy, it will not only help save money, but also ensure our members have a wingman at their side to encourage them to be responsible and that they arrive on time for the mission. And it can’t be argued that members must be allowed their own room as a “standard of living” because we have members in Iraq and Afghanistan that have to share quarters and if they can do it in those conditions, we can do it here in the United States.

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