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Problem: Some of the government workforce is sluggish, somewhat incompetent for the job they are selected for. So instead of fitting people and their abilities with the work that has to be done, we just push the employee to the side and hire a contractor. This wastes the government money, on the employee salary and on the extra expense of hiring a contractor. Another similar issue is that one area has a great number of employees with a specific skill set, and they have no work to do… while other areas are overloaded with work and not enough people to accomplish it in a timely fashion.

Solution: We need a more flexible and elite workforce. To save money and keep employees focused and motivated I propose this. As an example I will use the skill set of the computer program developer. All areas in work have pockets of Computer Program developers whether they have any development work or not. Take all employees and contractors are currently on the roles in a pool available for work. Post their “resumes”, and let the Project managers select the ones they feel are qualified for the job. During the course of the project if an employee or contractor is not skilled or performing in an outstanding way, send them back to the pool. This will enable the best of the best to be busy and working with projects well suited for their particular skill set.

If you are not happy with your selection of computer programmer developer, you can send that person back into the pool. There would be a record keeping system for everyone, those selected and those sent back or never selected. If we started with a pool of 500, with 250 employees and 250 contractors, we would soon find out in the course of a year, how many we really needed. If the best were always working, and the others remaining in the pool, then after a year, we would let go the members who were never used or returned 3 times or more.

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