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5-Prong approach to Social Policy Change

Citizens do not want or need services cut and the middle class does not need tax increases. Here is my husband and I’s 5-prong approach to policy change that could significantly improve the country’s current financial situation: 1) Invest all Medicare and Social Security money contributed. This would allow growth and the possibility of long-term sustainment. 2) Temporarily cease sending U.S. dollars to aid foreign countries. As a Social Worker, I believe it is our human duty to help others in need, but understand you must take care of yourself before you can effectively help others. We need to fix our current financial issues before we spread ourselves too thin helping others. 3) Give all illegal aliens who are already in the U.S. the opportunity to become American citizens. Provide them with English classes and have them pass a citizenship test. The taxes from these individuals would have a substantial positive impact on the economy. The individuals who choose not to take this opportunity can be assisted back to their home country, with finances generated by new tax dollars. 4) Impose an education tax on all professional athletes. This would require a 1% income tax for all professional athletes to pay to their home field state. This revenue would assist with funding education for the state. 5) Legalize marijuana. This could generate billions of revenue for the U.S. through taxation. Additionally, we would see a significant savings due to decreased incarceration costs. With the legalization, the government would be able to regulate marijuana production to increase safety. As a substance abuse counselor, I greatly see the need for this. Similar laws that are currently in effect for alcohol use could be imparted on marijuana use (i.e. no use in public facilities, driving laws, etc). This change could improve Americans’ overall safety while having a significant contribution to the budget.



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