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2011 SAVE Award

Dear Vice President Joe Biden:



Our shorted Budget is the problem. The only things to solve it are work on the Income Tax and Capital gain. This is the source of money that the U.S Federal need.


We also need to cut the bills charge on each patient for health care program. The investors; the doctors; the lawyer; the dentists and pharmacists who make a lot of money but do not want to pay high income tax so the Federal need to cut their bill that they charge on Medicare or Medical .


Canadian people have health insurance because the Canada Gov’t collects really high income tax from the high income families. But I heard that the Canadian patients have to wait three to six months to see the doctor. I believe that the American don’t want to wait long time when they are sick.


The Speaker of the House should work together with Obama President. He should think about the Country more than the Party then the Publican Party will work on any issue later.


We also need to think about how to create the job for American people in the future.

We do not want to spend the tax money for the foreign wars unless they brings the benefit for our country.


Do we need to defeat the China economy in order to SAVE us.

If the Chinese people were hungry so they will turn the Communist Gov’t down.








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