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When I began working for VA over 20 yrs ago we operated out of computer system under the (BDN) Benefits Delivery Network. This system was tied into all parts of VA. The main part we used was to pay deserving veterans benefits for their lost wages due to a slightly to completely debilitating disability. This disability being due to their service for their country. This system was in the DOS format and slightly cumbersome to most but it worked nearly flawlessly. Many codes were used to identify transactions and activities happening within the BDN system. All letters were sent, monthly disability, education, vocational rehabilitation payments tracked, future actions tracked, past activities monitored.

Over the mid-'90's Windows operating systems shifted the way we processed things. Newcomers to VA wanted to see a more descriptive program used to do these things in a windows based program. My job moved me through both disability and education programs. Both programs developed different processing programs and different programs within each. Now we have BDN, TIMS, LTS, MAPD, FAS, RBA2000, Virtual VA, PCGL, RNW, IRIS, and multiple other web based assistance programs that all are good within themselves and all work toward the same goal but are now cumbersome to go from one system to another and take much time and slows processing claims.

My idea is for VA to use their own personel (we are capable) to develop a ONE VA Processing System to incorporate all these processing systems into ONE.

This ONE VA Processing System would be tied into the VA Medical Center data within legal limits as well as DOD data necessary to quickly and efficiently process ALL veterans benefits as needed and eliminate paper in doing so.

This system would also be accessible to veterans and dependents and tied to the eBenefits system as well.

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