Department of the Treasury

Stop Buying U.S. Code Books

Every new lawyer that starts at my agency automatically receives a set of U.S. Code books, costing $400-500 per person. Additionally, every lawyer, old and new, who has a set of books automatically receives annual updates to those books, costing $100-200 per person per year.

The same information provided in the books is already available online through Lexis, Westlaw, or free sources. Even if they use the books, many lawyers are trained to also use the online sources to determine if there have been any updates to material in the books. Thus, buying the books and updates makes no sense, since users will look for the same information online anyway.

Doing away with the print books and updates could save tens of thousands of dollars a year just at my agency. I suspect law departments in other agencies do the exact same thing, so this could save tens of millions per year across the Federal government.



Idea No. 18707