Social Security Administration

SSA Immediate Claims Taking Unit

I propose that the Social Security Administration Immediate Claims Taking Unit (ICTU) Social Insurance Specialist (CR) classification to be revised and topped at a GS 9 grade. The agency would be able to save a minimum of $1,814.880 per year! The reason for the change is that the ICTU CRs do not perform all the tasks listed in the Position Description for a GS 10 or GS 11. The ICTU CR performs limited Title II Claims, Post entitlements actions for Income Related Modified Adjustment Amount (IRMMA) and Medicare Prescription Drug Program (Part D). The ICTU CRs and the Field Office (FO) Social Insurance Specialist (CR) share the same position description. The FO CRs performs the same duties of the ICTU CR and everything else on the job description to include Disability claims for both Title II and Title XVI, all post entitlement actions for all programs, and all aspects regarding representative payee issues as examples. Tailoring the Social Insurance Specialist training class for the ICTU would decrease classroom hours, trainers and materials saving additional monies that could be used elsewhere.



Idea No. 15877