Social Security Administration

1 Stop Shop

Many of our State Agency have such a program called 1 Stop Shop - which allows citizens to obtain information of ALL program wityhin each agencies office. Field Office and or District Office - I beleive could benefits to have sattilte office like ODAR's in each ofield offices. This way Representative have better opportunity and Claimant's have better opportunity as well as the central offices have opportunity and communication with the next end detail in Social Security Appeal. This also would allow for the entire agency to train ODAR and Field Office staff in all areas should such shortages accure in either of their office - opposed to hiring additional staff for such shortage issues. This would also cut the cost to claimant's that drive many distance to these ODAR office for their appeal hearings such as a Peru, IL. individual needs to drive to Orland Park, IL - which almost 70 miles from their home. At which time they could drive to the Joliet office instead of Orland Park to allow for a 1 stop shop in our agency which would help with cost savings in miles on road spent, gasoline costs, and staff availavility for claimant and internal staffing needs of each Field Office. The other issue here is why does the Government have so many building when they could consolidate them to 1. If the FBI, SSA ODAR, and IRS are with in blocks of each - would it not be benefitual that these office share existence to one another in the same building. Costs of rents, leases, electric, and securiity personnel could be used for a more benfitual situation.



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