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Social Security Disability Benefits & Registered Sexual Offender

Sexual offenders and or indigent individuals utilizing the system to get Social Security benefits because they are said to have a mental disability.


These individuals are receving Social Security benefits when there really is nothing wrong with them. They put in for these benefits because they are unable to get a decent job and think the government owe them. However, some have normal lives, work under the table, go to court to represent themself, are able to visit their children unsupervised, but still claim they are mentally disabled. Individuals such as these should be monitored (keep track of their day-to-day actions) to ensure they really are not mental incapacitated. Accordingly, some fake their disability in order to receive Social Security disability benefits. Such individuals receiving these benefits should be checked periodically throughout the year and surprised visits performed to ensure they really are what they say.


Removing these individuals from the Social Security benefits pool would save dollars.


More attention should be given to such individuals as they receive Social Security benefits and are not disabled in any way.



Idea No. 11894