Department of the Interior

Certification of Travel Card Statements

Each month, Department of the Interior employees across the country must present the original of their travel card statement, as well as the original documentation to their supervisors to certify. For those employees who are working from remote locations to their supervisors, they must send the packet through FedEx to their supervisor's office so that they can review the documentation and sign the original statement. The cost to government per statement is approximately $25 roundtrip to have these statements certified. This cost is incurred for every remotely located employee that has a travel card.


Suggestion: Have the employee black out their credit card number and scan the statement along with the original documentation; then, email the statement and documentation to their supervisor for review. Have the supervisor review the scanned documentation and certify the scanned statement. The supervisor would then sign the statement, scan their signed copy of the statement and forward just the signature page back to the employee for their records.


When you consider the Department of the Interior has 70,000 people located in 2400 different locations and this process happens 12 times a year, the savings could be substantial.



Idea No. 3470