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Why not make it more accessible for employees to relocate when events in their life require it. Right now it is a fact that employees who move far away for whatever reason they make this decision, they now have to face the weight of their decision by commuting to their job which can be anywhere up to about 100 miles or more. I have come across many employees that wish they would be considered for a position near their location, which would save in fuel and the environment, but are stuck because management is unwilling or unable to accomodate. If there was a centralized website which match employees by exact titles, that would give the management the opportunity to choose someone for the exchange so there is no loss, just an exact swap of bodies. You have a happier employee working nearby and help protect our environment. We are priviledge to have multiple offices near every location yet it does not make sense to not accomodate our employees the way we try to accomodate the public we serve.



Idea No. 10855