Department of Defense

copier maintenance agreements

An unpublished audit report a few years ago determined, with the exception of two copiers on one installation,it would be cheaper for all but two units to buy a new copier each year than to continue to use a leased copier, with a maintenance agreement. The Air Force copiers were obtained from DAPS (Defense and Printing Service) - a required source for Dept of Defense Air Force copiers. (I think it is an overall DoD requirement, not just an AF requirement). Savings at one installation would have exceeded $500,000 over four years and would have included at least one new copier for each unit with an existing leased copier, though under the lease agreement some units were using copiers many years older than that because the copiers were not changed out as required by the DAPS contract.) The commercial vendor only replaced when someone called, versus, replacing as required and intended by the DAPS contract.


Cost savings suggestions: (also applicable to Dept of Justice - require federal agencies to terminate copier leases (whether or not they have maintenance agreements) and instead procure copiers. Leases were audit determined to be outrageously expensive and basically useless as most copiers never required maintenance.



Idea No. 17783