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V.A.M.C's to manage active military healthcare stateside

The largest Healthcare system already in place and functioning in this country are the Veteran's Affairs Medical Centers. The infrastructure is already in place. Specially trained physician's and staff are attuned to the special medical issues that arise in the military profession. Some of the most State-of-the-Art care practices exist in the VA system. The VA system is not hindered by the drawbacks of the commercial healthcare system. Some of the latest medical advances in care are at the VA Medical Centers. So then, why is the healthcare provided solely to veteran's? Care should include all active military as well. V.A. providers will eventually follow these soldiers as veteran's. It would provide a continuity in care from active duty to veteran. Healthcare of the military professional is unique, who better to treat their needs. Cost savings can be realized in the utilization of services where an infrastructure is already in place. Why pay an external company to provide insurance only to pay for an inflated healthcare reimbursement rate from a commercial for-profit enterprize? The V.A. medical providers are already oriented to military specific needs, injuries, environmental exposures, medical and mental health issues. VA Healthcare should be offerred to active military from the beginning enlistment period to veteran status, a one-stop shop.



Idea No. 11589