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Utilizing multifunctional devices and removing desktop devices

Significantly reduce costs for copiers and printers (including toner). Some Agency’s program offices purchase about $25,000 in toner cartridges each and every month. Sometimes this is approximately half of all the supply store purchases. Replace network printers with leased, multifunctional devices. These multifunctional devices provide the same, if not better, performance. In addition to scanning and faxing, they copy and print in both color and in black and white. Toner costs for these devices are included in the lease and will result in a substantial cost savings.

To transition to these new devices, request that offices not stockpile toner for existing machines.

In addition to the transition to these new devices, the elimination of individual desktop printers could save approximately $240,000 per year. An added benefit to a reduced number of devices is the space and energy savings


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    Fewer printers are easier to maintain. They are also likely to use less energy. Reducing energy use saves money and helps to protect the invaluable natural resources upon which we rely.