Department of the Interior

Use can and bottle redemption money to fund full scale recycling

We currently give most returnable cans and bottles to charity. Although this is good, I think we could better be using this money to fund full scale recycling programs in our buildings. The money obtained from recyling cans and bottles should be used to hire a contractor that will take all recylable items including all things that are recycled at households in California and other states.


Tin and steel cans

glass jars

Clean aluminum pans and foil


Magazines, catalogs and glossy paper

Paper bags

Paper packaging

Egg cartons

Junk mail

Phone books and soft cover books

Shredded paper in clear bagsplastic,

Empty aerosol cans

Loose lids from jars

Bottles and jugs

Tubs and containers (ie. yogurt, margarine)

Plastic bags


These items are included in most neighborhood recycling programs in California yet go into our wastestream at the federal building. It is appauling that state and federal goverments have past laws requiring businesses and households to recycle and in the fine print excempt themselves from this policy. This is the case in California where at the federal builing in Sacramento, we are not required to recycle, yet other businesses in the city are.



Idea No. 9898