Department of Veterans Affairs

Turning it Off: A Simple Solution to Energy Managment

Have federal buildings that operate off a timer for most electronic equipment and lights. Almost all equipment except servers that save data. Having electronic equipment such as computer workstations, printers and fax machines. The equipment should shut off during off duty hours and turn on before shift work starts. This would most likely save hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in electricity bills per year.


For facilities that have CCTV and security personnel than the specific areas of the building can be set to turn off except various emergency lights which would allow for some lighting.


Federal building could also look into establishing solar panels; still maintain backup generators in case of an emergency. I've noticed at the various federal buildings I've worked in that everything always stays on. Turning off the lights at night is not a single solution towards saving money and effective energy managment.


There are many energy management software programs that can be installed onto workstations and electronic equipment but this isn’t enough.


Approaching each facility with the mindset and understanding that we can do better in terms of energy management and in the long run save millions of dollars per year. This may allow many agencies to stay within budget each fiscal year.


Parking lots that work off small solar panels is just one simple and small solution that can help light a parking lot a night and is extremely cost effective. Federal facilities with a large amount of property should also look into creating wind farms to power the facilities on federal building in the surrounding area. Wind Farms can also be built on unused land on military bases.


Although past ideas have suggested turning off the lights I believe there is a lot more that needs to be done in terms of energy management in regards to federal facilities.



Idea No. 15086